Tricks for Choosing eyeglasses for children

Buying eyeglasses for children can be an overwhelming experience. Optiwow facilitates your deliberation over four different facets that will help you take advantage choice:

1. Frame size We've got pre-selected a selection of frames by age determined by average child sizes. If your kid is greater or smaller compared to average for age, adjust this accordingly to make certain a great fit.

2. Eyeglass Prescription Strong prescriptions (those above a (+) or (-) 3.00 will probably require thick lenses. Full rim plastic or metal frames will assist to disguise the lens thickness. You can also consider upgrading to a thinner lens.

3. Frame Style Decide on a frame style that may complement and reflect your kid's personality. Your youngster will be ok with wearing their glasses and will be more likely to use them.

4. Frame Materials There are many different options and colours available, including plastic, flexible plastic, metal, flexible metal, titanium, hypoallergenic, rubber, wood, and even goggles for sports. Everything at

Buying glasses online

5 Simple Steps

Decide upon recption menus in the top bar for the category you are shopping for: opticals, sunwear, specialty glasses, accessories or lenses. All of the options available for anyone categories can look. It is possible to filter by gender, age, color or brand.

Select the selection of frame and after that select the size.

You should buy the frames without lenses or add lenses. If adding lenses just keep to the steps. Inform us which kind of lenses and treatment you need. It comes with an explanation on each item you choose make sure to read them.

Step four
After you have submitted your order, fax, email or text your child's prescription.

Please ensure that you incorperate your child's PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement, you can acquire it using the 'Pupil Meter' App, which you can download to your android or iPhone. E-mail us in case you have any problem. Visit

Ready for checkout

Leave the rest to all of us at OPTIWOW. We're going to make sure your child's lenses are fulfilled correctly and promptly.

After 25 years or so of seeing unattractive and ill-fitting glasses on way too many beautiful children in your Pediatric Ophthalmology Optical Shop, we decided to create OPTIWOW: Eyeglasses for your Stylish Kiddo. We have been the only real online optical shop just for infants and children. One lens doesn't fit all. Clarity, precision and quality are important to a prosperous eyewear purchase, as well as fit and fashion. At OPTIWOW, we're devoted to providing age-appropriate eyewear, top-quality lenses, and fashionable styles. Bid farewell to poorly fitted frames, inappropriate lens materials, and wrongly filled prescriptions. We've got the technological know-how to satisfy your little one's eyewear needs, including needs related to special medical ailments.

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